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We are passionate about building talent in the Accounting industry and utilising our knowledge and experience to help guide professionals to achieve their career and life goals.

For professionals who recognise the value of sound planning and goal setting; AccountingTalent has developed a customised career consultation called "CareerFlow".  This programme is designed specifically for Chartered Accountants who value expert advice, planning and guidance from CA career experts with many years of intimate market knowledge and experience. 

This is seen as an insightful, personalised career planning and guidance opportunity before embarking on the next chapter of your professional career.  The CareerFlow programme is outlined below and valued at $400 +GST. 

The CareerFlow Programme

STAGE 1: Reflection & Self-Evaluation 

One on one interview and exploratory discussion, opportunity to:

  • Review your qualifications and work experience 
  • Review your current role, responsibilities / team / environment 
  • Review your current salary, work situation, prospects in your current team / firm   
  • Testing as required

STAGE 2: Exploration & Opportunities
Lets discuss the career options available to you.  Taking into account your

  • Personal interests, skills, values and situation. 
  • We will discuss Firm fit, Firms with the best matching Culture and Career prospects to meet your career and lifestyle ambitions.  

STAGE 3: Decision Making & Goal Setting

  • Defining what's most important to you from the exploration stage
  • Clarifying your career strategy moving forward
  • Setting actions to achieve your goals within realistic timeframes   

STAGE 4: Gaining Experience & Exposure
Discuss how to gain the relevant career related experience that can help you develop the skills, abilities and knowledge to realise your career goals.

  • Courses / experience
  • Linked-In and Facebook Audit
  • CV review and update

STAGE 5: Strategy & Implementation – if required

  • Cover letter guidance
  • Target list and contacts
  • Interview advice

This is the step in the process where you implement what you have learned and move forward towards a new job or more advanced education. You should also continue to evaluate your options and make adjustments as needed.

If you are a qualified CA or about to be, then you may have heard of "The Balance Sheet".  Wellington's anonymous CA career and rewards community offering market insights, advice and rewards to members.  Members are entitled to one CareerFlow consultation per annum at no cost as part of their membership.  Discover more and see if you qualify to be a Balance Sheet member here; where you can schedule a "CareerFlow" consultation on completion of the online registration, should you meet the membership criteria.   

Helene Smith

Partner | Talent Acquisition

With a reputation for professional and personable service alongside excellent business management experience; Helene leads the Chartered Accounting recruitment practice for AccountingTalent in Wellington.